Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Re-purposing a favorite shirt

I love being crafty and re-using items, however working full-time means that I rarely have enough time to do projects.  I recently completed a small project that turned out very nice.

My daughter loves giraffes.  Her lovie is a giraffe, and this has has lead to a proliferation of giraffes in our house:  stuffed animals, little statues, books... you name it.  She received a giraffe shirt as a gift, and it was an instant favorite to wear.  However, recently she's been having another growth spurt and that giraffe shirt looks more like a belly shirt!

Daddy mentioned that the shirt was getting too small for her one day, and we saw a look of horror in her eyes. 

"No!  Don't get rid of my giraffe shirt!"  She pleaded.

I suddenly imagined this ever increasing pile of too-small but well-loved clothing that I could not pry from my daughter's grip.

So, I bought a small pillow, chopped off the arms of the shirt, and sewed the arm and head holes shut.

Voila!  Giraffe shirt becomes giraffe pillow!   

I added a few iron-on hearts because my daughter loved this shirt so much that it acquired some nail polish.  The hearts are just a disguise.

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Booyah's Momma said...

Awesome idea! I see some Scooby Doo pillows in our future around here!

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