Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Movie review: Rango

The family took in a movie, Rango, over the weekend, and it was a big hit for all.  This movie was cinematically pleasing, authentic Western; it was fun and goofy for the kids while engaging and intelligent for adults.  The plot was smart and the dialogue was imaginative.  This movie deserves all the praise it is receiving from the critics and fans.
Rango is the story of an aquarium lizard who accidently becomes a hero, then the sheriff, of a small Western desert town called Dirt.  The town is drying up, and the reserves of water are soon to be gone, and this puts our protagonist in the midst of a great tale to be told. 

The movie is rated PG, not G, so I would caution anyone with very young children before seeing this movie (maybe age 3 or younger).  There are some high-intensity action and chase scenes (think a Western - gun battles, wagon chases), and some young children might find this too much to watch.

And here is where I must mention Johnny Depp.  To say I'm a huge fan would be an understatement.  Back in the day, I crushed on Johnny bad.  Edward Scissorhands was the BOMB.  21 Jumpstreet -- YUM.

Ack.  I'm showing my age.   Anyway...

Mr. Depp is amazing as Rango.  This little lizard has a witty personality that fills the big screen ... and he's got Western swagger ... and is crazy endearing.

The kids love the film.  Silly animals, fun story with great action scenes, and a main character that was easy to like.  Plus, the movie was beautiful to watch -- so many great and inventive scenes that were true to the Western genre, but still original. 

And the adults might have enjoyed the movie even more.  Many modern animated movies put in blatant references to popular culture and other movies through quotes and screenplay, but the homages in Rango were really at a different level.  From Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, to Pulp Fiction, to Clint Eastwood, the references were authentic and entertaining but not distracting.  My husband and I kept sneaking smirky glances at each other throughout the movie -- our code for "Did you see THAT?" 

Overall, this movie gets two thumbs up from this crowd!


Diane said...

We went to see it Friday night and loved it too! Great movie!

Missus Wookie said...

My friend said they were all going today, Trilby is thinking of going tomorrow. Sounds good.

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