Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mommytography 365/*85-91

85: Hulk is ready for his UFC match-up

Look at that game-face!
Mommytography 365 Project Sunday Assignment

86:  Hulk SMASH daddy face!

I wish you could hear the sound effects these fists make!
 87:  Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons...
...for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.
 88:  Late night partying for a 4-year-old

Shakey doggie (his lovie) got a dance party.
 89:  7-year-old angst.

90:  I'm not fat.  I'm just fluffy.

Our rarely-seen cat, Cindel (Ten geek points if you know what we named our cat after). That's a lot of cat.  And fur.
 91:  Mothering the lovie

My daughter's lovie, Giraffie, is well taken care of.


Tracy said...

Wild week! LOL. Fun and love your Green shot!

Kristal said...

Wow, that cat is something!

Christine said...

Hi, Kristen, Love that 4-year-old! Reminds me of my guys at that age.


Missus Wookie said...

Um - with the names we've chosen... I thought I remembered Cindel and was right :lol:

Love that Hulk hitting Daddy shot and the Buzz jammies. Princess has that dragon phrase on a t-shirt and it's used a lot around here.

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