Friday, March 18, 2011

Mommytography 365/71-77

 71:  Silly faces
I got some sweet pictures of the kids sitting together on the couch, but this one is more fun.

 72:  Amelia Bedelia
My daughter has reading month at school, and gets to dress as a book character.  I think our cobbled together Amelia Bedelia costume turned out  excellent!
 73: Solar System Boy
We finish the solar system puzzle (for the umpteenth time).  He thinks he's a pretty big kid these days.  Bigger than the moon!

 74:  Pity party

 75:  Indian dance princess
One of the dancers at my daughter's school Diversity celebration.  She was very talented.
 76:  To Japan with Love and Compassion
In front of another office building near where I work.
 77: You know it is finally spring in Michigan when the 'birds and the Mustangs come out of hibernation.
I saw this outside my yoga studio. In the 10 minutes I enjoyed the fresh air, at least 10 people had to take peek at the creature that had come out of hibernation.


Tracy said...

LOL. We loved Ameilia Bedilia in this house!

Cool Stang and your hubby is hilarious.

Christine said...

Kristen, that first shot of your kids is great. Who wants serious when you can capture that?? :)

I don't know about spring--they're saying snow here in Chicago tomorrow and Thursday. I have seen a few pretty cool cars out on the roads, though, so maybe...


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