Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mommytography 365/*56-62

 56:  Hey, mom!  Check out my tat!
Muscle boy got a Cars tattoo.
 57:  Sexiest man on earth

Yes, that is my man doing laundry.  He does it every week.  On a schedule.  Do you see those neat piles?  How sexy is THAT!
 58:  Death to orange feathers!

Buttercup has her prey, and she is going in for the kill.
 59:  Daddy, son, and Shakey Doggy
Snuggle time for the men of the house.  And the little guy's favorite stuffed animal named shakey doggy (he's a beanie baby.  Beans = shakey)

 *60  Love bites
A craft from my daughter became a favorite toy for the kitties.  Does foam really taste that good?

Mommytography 365 Project Sunday Assignment

61: People I love
My daughter started this list.  No reason given.  It continues onto another page.  :)
 62:  Off to school
I dropped my daughter off at school, and snapped this.  She hates pictures, so you may not see her face too often!


Tracy said...

HELLO SEXY Man doing laundry....does he mop floors too? ;)

Kasey said...

Your little guy is too cute making a muscle! Great pics!

Missus Wookie said...

Love the muscles - on both men ;) My dh says cleaning the kitchen is how he proves his manliness :lol: Cool list from your dd too.

Kristal said...

Your man does laundry... how awesome. I love my guy, he does some great things, but he doesn't notice laundry that needs to be folded LOL.

Great shots!

bimwphotography said...

Wonderful shots! Especially love the tat! :)

Christine said...

The cat shot is too funny! Love it.


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