Monday, March 21, 2011

Ivy League Preschools

So, did you hear about the mom who is suing her daughter's preschool?  She is suing the $19K-a-year preschool because it was just a "playground" and was not preparing her 4-year-old for Ivy League college like she expected?

So, which part made you most offended? That...
  • Elite parents in Manhattan actually pay $19K per year for preschool?
  • A mom is suing a preschool?
  • A mom doesn't want her 4-year-old playing?
  • A mom expects a preschool to be a vital stepping stone to Ivy League college?
  • You can't enroll your kid in that preschool?  (come on... just a little bit of your over-competitive shameful inner-mother wants your kid in that school, doesn't she?)
Most of us just realized that there is a whole 'nother level of super-momming. It exists in elite East Coast neighborhoods, and maybe a few other extremely wealthy communities.  These moms go way beyong throwing cool birthday parties and one-upping either other on developmental milestones. 

Did you even know that there were "in-roads" to Ivy League schools for 4-year-olds?  Of course, we'd like to say that this mom is just crazy.


But, the truth is, these wealthy, elitist parents know what they are doing.  They may be throwing money out the window left and right, but there is a plan -- a plan that works for more of these snooty people than we ever want to admit.  Ivy League schools ain't called "elite" for nothin'.


I actually pay a lot (well, a lot for Michigan, not Manhattan!) for my son's private, full-time Montessori preschool.  We did our research, and found one that we really liked.  We are quite impressed that our 4-year-old learns about the planets and dinosaurs, as well as counting, colors and letters.  He also plays -- a lot.  I've asked him what is his favorite activity at school. I always get the same answer.


Hmmm... if I know anything about college students and snacking, then maybe his preschool is preparing him for college!

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The Mommy Mambo said...

This is ridiculous! Of course, I do see that Ivy League is all about connections and who you know (or who taught you your ABCs and not to eat boogers). But this is too much!

THanks for the laugh!

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