Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Giraffe Goes to School

My daughter is "Star of the Week" this week at school.  I was asked to write a letter or short story for the teacher to read to the class.  Enjoy. :)
A Giraffe Goes to School

Amelia wakes up one bright Monday morning and gets ready for school.  She is very excited -- she is the Star of the Week, and has some important things to do at school today! Soon she is ready to leave, but Daddy is still getting her brother Ryan ready.
Amelia is worried.  She talks to Giraffie, her favorite stuffed animal about what to do.  Giraffie is a small giraffe (of course).

“Giraffie, what if I am late for school on my first day as Star of the Week?” Amelia worries. 
Instead of replying, Giraffie disappears!
Amelia is in a panic.  Where did Giraffie go? 
Then, she hears a knocking at the front door.  It's Giraffie!  Except -- he's a real, full-sized giraffe.
Amelia immediately knows what to do.
"Daddy, I'm taking Giraffie to school!" Amelia says.
"Ok. Put him in your backpack." Dad replies.  Amelia giggles.  That's not what she meant!
Amelia grabs her backpack, and uses the porch steps to reach Giraffe's very tall back.  Giraffie walks to school, and Amelia is no longer worried about getting to school on time.
Amelia and Giraffie approach the front door of Workman Elementary.
"No giraffes in school." Announces Mr. Burt with his arms crossed. 
Amelia is worried again. But Mrs. Camilleri comes to the rescue. 
"Giraffie is welcome to attend first grade from the playground.  He'll have a great view of the classroom through the window." Mrs. Camilleri says.
Everyone in Mrs. Camilleri's class is so excited to have a real giraffe as a new classmate, and says hello to Giraffie. Then the class settles in for the day's lessons.
The first lesson is Amelia's third favorite subject: reading. Amelia reads Giraffie a book about the African savanna, where most giraffes live.
Next is Amelia's second favorite subject: math.  The whole class counts Giraffie's spots -- 223 in all!
Then, Amelia has her favorite subject, art.  Giraffie can't follow the class to the art room, but Amelia makes Giraffie a beautiful picture of her whole family: Mom, Dad, her younger brother Ryan, Annabelle the dog, her two cats Cindel and Buttercup... and, of course, Giraffie.
At recess, Amelia gives Giraffie the new drawing. 
"Look, Giraffie!  I made a picture of the whole family, and there you are, too!" Amelia exclaims.
Giraffie loves it so much that.... he eats it.
Amelia pulls out her hula hoop next, and tries to teach Giraffie how to hula.  Giraffie catches on quickly, but he uses his neck instead of his waist to spin the hoop.
At the end of the day, Mom and younger brother Ryan arrive to pick up Amelia from school.  And, boy, are they surprised when they see who has joined Amelia at school.
"A full-grown giraffe will not fit in my minivan!"  Mom says.
"Can Ryan and I ride him home, instead?"  Amelia asks.
"I guess. But you must go straight home -- no detours!"  Mom replies.
Ryan, Amelia and Giraffie head off, and detour straight for the ice cream shop.  Ryan orders vanilla with M&Ms on top and Amelia gets chocolate with gummy bears. Giraffie tries green pistachio, with a few leaves thrown in for favor.
They make another sidetrack after the ice cream shop to the playscape park.  However, the kids at the park think sliding down the neck of a giraffe is way better than the playscape slide!
When the two kids and one giraffe finally make it home, Daddy is making their favorite dinner:  Daddy Mac and Cheese. 
"Hmmmm... looks like we have an extra guest for dinner!  Looks like I need to double the recipe!"  Daddy exclaims after seeing Giraffie peek in through a window.
Amelia sets the dinner table on the backyard deck, so that Giraffie could join the family for dinner.
After a fun-filled day with her full-grown giraffe, Amelia is tired out. She makes Giraffie a nice bed in the backyard with some old blankets.
"I love you, Giraffie. You'll have to stay out here until the morning because you don't fit in my bed!" Amelia says.
Giraffie gives Amelia a big lick on the cheek and a hug before Amelia heads upstairs for bedtime. 
As Amelia crawls into bed, she is surprised to find a small stuffed giraffe under her covers.  Giraffie is already fast asleep.


Kasey said...

That was a great story! I hope this isn't a homework assignment that most schools give to parents though... I'm not sure if I'm creative enough for that!

Diane said...

Very cute and creative! I think I'd be all in a panic if one of my kids' teachers gave me a homework assignment! A+ :)


Sweet! <3

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