Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mommytography 365/50-56

50: Snowy lamppost

The view out my front door.

51:  Daddy's lap

52: Sink cat

What is it with cats and sinks???

53:  Married woman seeks sunshine

I guess this is as close as I'm gonna get.

54: My next vehicle.

Why has this become a regular sight lately?

55: Mohawk boy

It was crazy hair day at preschool.  We have a punk rocker boy.

56: They are all staring at me.

Have I mentioned my daughter likes to do crafts?


Tracy said...

LOVE the flower and the lamp post reminds me of Narnia!
Hate the "s" pics....cute kid!
Oh and the CAT in the sink....priceless.

Missus Wookie said...

brrr on the snow, love the sunshine I'm craving it too. Oh and that last eye shot made me laugh :)

Kristal said...

My cat was in the SHOWER today... I didn't know it and turned it on. Opps.

Love the lamp post and flower, and yes, I'm seen one too many snow plows lately.

bimwphotography said...

Great photos! Love the snowy lampost! Very Narnia-esque!

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