Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hubby laid down the law.

I've recently written a couple of posts about some decisions my local school board has made about exceptions to its "zero tolerance" weapon policy.  The story, relating to how an exception has been made for kirpans -- the dagger-like religious emblem of Sikhs -- has gone to the national news.  I'm not really that surprised, since safety in the schools is such a hot button issue, and Sikhs, a religious minority from India, are often mistaken for being Muslim (they are not).

A friend sent me the link to national news article, and while I gave it a quick read, I did not go to "view comments."


My husband has banned me from reading news source comments.


He used is autocratic, paternalistic authority over me as husband and head of the household, and said I was forbidden from reading information that could corrupt my fragile feminine mind.  As a submissive wife, I obeyed.

(Anyone who just believed that last paragraph can click close on their browser now. You really don't know me very well.)

Ok. For real now...

I'm a lover of knowledge.  When I read about news topic, whether it's politics, science, or education, I always want to know more.  When news sources first started putting up comment spaces, I always had to read them -- after all, more information for me to glean!

However, most of the time, commentary on the most interesting news stories tends to promote the most ignorant, prejudiced and biased discussions in the comment space.  And yet, I keep reading.  I'm watching a train wreck.  Sometimes I even try to add comments in an attempt to "educate" these folks.  I want them to listen to reason.

All worked up and bothered, I tell my husband about the comments I found. I assume he will join in on my rant. Instead, he simply asks, "Why are you reading the comments?" 

And he is right.  The comments are NOT additional information or knowledge.  These are trolls looking for attention.  They are looking for a fight.  They are not looking to get educated.

After this pattern happened multiple times, hubby started laying down the law.

"Don't read the comments!"

It was hard, but I started listening.  At first, I'd look, then say to myself "Why am I looking at these?  I'm doing it to myself again!!!" Finally, I just started ignoring that little "View Comments" link.  And I'm much happier for it.

Thanks, hubby.  I do listen.  

This post brought to you by Mama Kat's prompt on a time that I was wrong....

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Jennifer said...

I feel the same way when I read the comments in a similar setting...I start to have arguments with ignorant people who...incidentally...can't hear me, don't know I am arguing with them, and probably don't care. It probably is best to leave the comments alone...I'll try

Connie said...

It's true. The comments are where trolls go to practice their craft.

Kasey said...

You are so right... the people who leave comments are usually looking to start controversy! I don't personally read them but my husband does and he's like you and gets so worked up. It's best to just leave them alone and save yourself the headache!

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