Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mommytography 365/50-56

50: Snowy lamppost

The view out my front door.

51:  Daddy's lap

52: Sink cat

What is it with cats and sinks???

53:  Married woman seeks sunshine

I guess this is as close as I'm gonna get.

54: My next vehicle.

Why has this become a regular sight lately?

55: Mohawk boy

It was crazy hair day at preschool.  We have a punk rocker boy.

56: They are all staring at me.

Have I mentioned my daughter likes to do crafts?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Meeechigan!

You know you are from Meeechigan when this license plate makes sense.

Us Midwesterners don't talk weird.  We don't even have accents.  I have no idea what you are talking about. 

Perfect little buckets

This past Friday, my daughter came home from school very excited. She is going to be "Star of the Week" when she returns back to school after mid-winter break. She came home with a packet of projects to complete for her week as a star. This proud first grader dove right into her assignments -- writing a little about herself, getting her "mystery box" and clues ready, and telling me about all the special treatment she gets during Star week (like being the line leader, and getting a desk by the teacher).

One of these projects is an assignment for ME -- I have to write a journal entry in her classroom "bucket filler" journal. The school has an initiative around "bucket filling" -- doing good acts to "fill others buckets." The concept is based on the book "Have you filled a bucket today?"  My assignment is to write about our family, and how each of us is a good bucket filler. A sweet assignment, except...

My darling daughter a personality trait that she *might* have inherited from her wonderful mother. When she wants something done, it needs to be done NOW and be done HER way -- which is, of course, Perfect.

I explained that I wanted time to think about my journal entry. I would get to it when I was ready (no rush -- we have over a week!).  But every time I turned around I had a journal shoved in my hands.

"DO IT NOW! Don't forget to write about how I feed the dog! And play with the cats! And I'm nice to my brother!"

Hmmmm... someone is not exactly filling my bucket right now.

However, I remember feeling the exact same way growing up. Everything was SO urgent. SO important. Assignments had to be perfect. Not just perfect... better than everyone else's work.

And now I've created a little monster smart child who thinks the same way! How did that happen? I swear I didn't do it on purpose. And I try so hard to convince her that being perfect is NOT important. And yet -- I remember my mother saying the same things to me -- and I didn't believe her.

I'll keep trying with my daughter. It eventually worked on me.


P.S.  I only let me daughter suffer until Sunday morning.  I wrote my journal entry on Saturday night.  She was very pleased.  I included all of the required entries.

This post was prompted by Working Mom Wednesday.  The prompt was a personality trait you are not necessarily proud of.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Tough" Premiere night

My husband is pursuing an acting career as a "hobby job." A short film he has a part in, Tough, premiered Friday night.  It was fun to mingle with a bunch of actors and the director of the film.  They were so excited to finally have the final product ready.  Afterward, there was a Q and A session with the director and actors.  I ended up as the impromptu paparazzi, and everyone loved the extra attention.

My hubby played the "bad guy" -- officially the Masked Man.  He beats a kid.  Don't worry.  I put him in time-out. ;)

That's one fine looking group of Detroit actors, huh?

Daris McKinney, the Director and Writer.

Getting ready to see the film.

The entire cast.

The main actor imitates the mannerisms of the director, and gets a laugh from everyone.

Doesn't he just look like a director?

He also played a bad guy.

This is the "tough" kid that my husband "beat up."  Looks pretty sweet now, huh?

Our lead actor.

Enemies in the film, but pretty friendly now!

One pretty good looking actor/hubby if I do say so myself!

Hey!  Stop beating up the kid! The movie is over!

That's better.

Here's the trailer if you missed before.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mommytography 365/*42-49

42: Girl Scout flag ceremony

My daughter had a "Girl Scout Cluster" event -- all the troops at her school did SWAPs (traded small tokens with each other). 
43: Strike a pose
My daughter had the Daddy/Daughter Dance over the weekend.  She hates me taking pictures.  I teased her to "not smile."  This is what I got.

But, daddy shows up, looking all dapper, and we get a smile.
44:  Color changing cars!
My little guy plays with his cars that change color in warm and cold water.
45 : Lion dance
We attended a Tet celebration, and the Lion Dance was a favorite.  I liked this photo because you can see the intensity on the Lion performer's face, and how happy the young girl is to get a picture with the lion.
*46:  Shakespeare in Love
I just finished a book with a great quote for our Sunday challenge.

Mommytography 365 Project Sunday Assignment

47:  Big Head night
I had a business trip to Milwaukee this week, and the our team was taken to the Marquette versus St. John's game.  Apparently it was "big head" night...
49: Skating party
My daughter's elementary school had a skating party (yes, they still have those!).  These kids are playing a game called "Wipe-out."  When the DJ stops the music, they are supposed to drop to the ground (that's why they are all hunched over).

Our trip to the Night of the Living Dead

Back in the fall of 2007, my husband and I headed to Butler County, Pennsylvania for a friend's wedding.  Hubby looking rather dashing as one of the groomsman...

We took advantage of this long weekend to indulge in one of my obsessions... ZOMBIES.

The quintessential, original zombie flick -- Night of the Living Dead -- was filmed in Butler County.  Specifically in a town called Evans City.  And the Cemetery is still there -- very much in the same condition as when the movie was filmed in 1968!

So, we drove out to Evans Cemetery, and recreated a few scenes.

Here is Barbra, clasping a tombstone in terror....

They are coming to get you, Barbra!

And hubby's portrayal...

My attempt...

View on the way out of the cemetery...

I see Zombies!!!!


This post was brought to you by Mama Kat's writing post about a memorable vacation.

Mama's Losin' It

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Michigan Tet Celebration

My mother-in-law invited us to a local Tet -- Vietnamese lunar new year -- celebration.  The event is coordinated by several local Vietnamese groups, including a cultural organization, a couple of Buddhist temples, the Vietnamese Catholic Church, and the Michigan State University Vietnamese student group.  I really enjoyed the show, though the kids were a bit wiggly and impatient.  They loved the Lion Dance and red envelopes were their favorite parts.  However, MC did *lots* of introductions (in both English and Vietnamese) of local community religious and business leaders, recognized the local U.S. Vietnam Veterans in attendance and thanked the people who organized the celebration. Because of the wiggly, tired kids, we didn't stay for the whole thing, which ran until midnight. Here's a few pictures.

This is my contribution for the Working Mom Wednesday post. The prompt was to show your life(-ish?) in pictures.


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