Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Buttercup's Top Ten Best Things about Christmas

Buttercup is one of my cats. And she loves Christmas. So, here's to enjoying the little things -- brought to you by my cat.

Buttercup, one happy cat.

Images brought to you by the LOLcats at icanhascheezburger.com.

10. Garland.

So, my mom decorates the banister with the beautiful fake garland. Just so that I can attack it and pull off each of the little piece! How fun is that?

9. Ornaments.

Especially the ones that ring. And my mom is so nice -- she puts the bells hanging from the bottom of the tree just so that I can play with them and ring them.

8. Indoor trees!

Whoever came up with bringing a tree inside was a genius! However -- someone forgot to tell my mom that cats love to CLIMB trees. Sorry, mom, for knocking over the Christmas tree. Twice. In two years.

7. The Christmas train.

This thing goes around and around and around.   I'm just waiting for my opportunity to attack.  I'm gonna get it this time.  No, This time... no, THIS time... no ... THIS TIME... no....

6. Wrapping paper.

It is so tempting to nip at the corners of those presents, but after the people unwrap, it's a free-for-all! Those piles of paper that have minds of their own! I'll kill them all!!!!

5. My tail!

Have you seen it twitch and wiggle? It's an instant toy. Oh, wait. It's there all year round. But it's still pretty cool.

4. Letters to Santa.

I'm really hoping this year that I'll get everything I want.

3. Ribbons.

Oh, there are so many ribbons! They are so curly and springy. I just want to play with them all day long!

2. Increased lap supply.

All these people keep coming over -- which is great because they all have warm laps I can claim.

And the #1 reason Buttercup loves Christmas...

My people are home more.

Purrrrrr. purrr. purrr. purrrrrrrrr.


Diane said...

Sounds like Buttercup is having a ball over there!
My boys have been asking for a cat and I love cats, I do, but we have two wiener dogs and two guinea pigs so I'm not sure that's go over so well. :0

Booyah's Momma said...

I love that you named your cat after the Princess Bride. That is all.

Rachel M. said...

Oh that was adorable! My cats are asking for catnip too, take away babies!

Julia said...

hilarious!! and did you take that picture of your cat? (the first one.) what a great shot!!

kt moxie said...

Booyah's Momma -- Thanks and yes, my cat is named after the Princess Bride.

Julia -- Thanks, I did take that picture of my cat sitting under our tree. :)

KD said...

and might I add one more?....presents with wrap to tear!!! LOVE IT!

btw - thanks for your comment on my guest post at work, wife, mom...life! I totally agree...no 2 families are the same!!!

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