Wednesday, October 20, 2010

WMW: Want another rewards card?

My purse contents are really not that exciting... my wallet, my medications for migraines (very important), my ipod, a pen, some hand lotion, and my Blackberry. Actually, my Blackberry isn't even IN my purse. It's attached to the side.

However, what I also have in my purse is a pile of cards banded together with a hair band. Credit cards you think? NO. (though I have a few of those, too). It's all those other plastic cards to get "all those great deals." They are a HUGE wad in my purse now, as they do not fit my HUGE wallet.

*hand palm to face*

 I even upgraded to the "mom" wallet this year.

My mom wallet -- ain't it cute?
 I feel like I'm being a mean customer when I quickly shoot down the sweet retail person offering me *yet another* rewards card. I'm lucky if I remember use the ones I have!

Let's see what plastic mementos do I have in here...
  • Store rewards cards. The biggest culprit. Kroger, Max and Erma's, Office Max, Best Buy, Borders, Famous Footwear...
  • Punch rewards cards. I love Once Upon A Child and my kid's haircut place, but paper cards? Even more fun that the plastic ones because they can get destroyed in between visits to the store-of-choice. And you have to get them punched every time you shop.
  • Library cardS. Yes, I have more than one, because I have my kids' cards, too!
  • Prescription and health card cards. Cuz that couldn't just be one card. And oh -- you have to send me a new one every year so that I'm always carrying around one that is out of date. Thanks.
  • Frequent flyer cards. Northwest Delta loves me. NOT.
  • "Preferred Customer" cards. Apparently both Hertz and Avis prefer ME. Except for that Avis guy who prefers smoking something.
  • Rechargeable cards. It seems like a good idea, and then you have cards from the car wash to Dave & Busters!
  • Random gift cards. You know -- the ones I'll never remember to use.
Does anyone else have this problem? What am I supposed to do with all these cards?

P.S. After I wrote this post over my lunch hour, I ran out to Panera to grab lunch.  Guess what they offered me?  And did I turn it down? Of course not... Mmmm... Panera rewards!

This post was in response the Working Mom's Wednesday prompt... "What is in your purse?"


Kristen said...

I needed something to blog about! Thanks! and Yes, I do have a lot of reward cards....

Gina said...

I have the exact same problem. I can never pass up a deal. I keep them in my wallet and it is so fat.

Rachel M. said...

wow that sure is alot of cards! you need a roll-a-dex!!!

Ali@LastSplash said...

I do the same. I got a Panera card two months ago and only went back once. Of course I forgot to use it!

Julia said...

i don't have as many as you. i do like rewards cards if offered though. I have one for the milk store. strange, but every $100 i spend, i get $5 back!!! (whoop-de-do!)

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