Wednesday, September 29, 2010

WMW: Hey mom! What does your work look like?

This is a prompted post for Working Mom Wednesday. I'm responding to "#2. Show us your life/ room/ work/ house/ drive to work, etc. in pictures!"

Geek goth mom style

This is my cube.  I work in IT at an automotive supplier. One of my fellow IT coworkers said my cube looked goth and he thought I was going to throw a rave party

12:00:  This is a hood covering the top of my cube, shielding me from the evil, skin melting fluorescent lights that beam down from above.  If I could, I would encase my entire cube.  I'm part IT geek, part vampire, part migraine-sufferer.  I HATE the light.  Please -- put me in a dark room.  At all times.

2:00:  The cold and flu viruses (plushy version), as well as my dragon neopet.  I figure if I keep the viruses on my desk, then I can't get infected. Nice idea in theory.

3:00:  Some photos I took at a Japanese garden.  They are to keep me calm.  Ohm.

4:00:  Water and Diet Mountain Dew.  This is what sustains all IT workers.  Male IT workers might go for the full-sugar version of the Dew.  Also, my fancy work phone and headset that I live on all day to call various areas of the world, including India, China, Germany, Slovakia and Holland (i.e. Holland, Michigan).  I live on conference calls, and rarely meet my teammates in person.

5:00: Paper.  Used for doodling during meetings.  And scratching things down when I'm sharing my screen with others, and can't pop up Notepad.

6:00: My ergonomic chair.  Yes, that is a chair, I swear.  The chairs at work SUCK.  I threw out my back last year, including having permanent nerve damage in my leg.  I brought this chair into work because they will only give me a different chair that also sucks.

8:00: Headset hooked to my laptop.  I can use it for an IP phone when I'm not at my desk, or listening to when I want to drown out the forklift

9:00: (From left to right).  My anniversary award.  An award for a project I was on.  My wedding picture. Tissues. Cool purple light.  Hand lotion.  Calendar. My laptop.

10:00:  PMI certification.  That means I'm an IT project manager.  AKA I'm mom at work, too.  Plus, lots of pictures of the kids and my niece.  And, my conference call info. 

11:00:  Cool purple lights, and skeleton kitty.

Dead center:  Monitor, keyboard, mouse and my worry stone

I hope you enjoyed the tour.

Conference call h*ll

And for those who would like the multimedia experience, I give you David Grady's Conference Call...


alessandra said...

Very neat, I'm impressed, you should see the mountains of papers on my desk!

Amanda said...

Much neater than my desk at work...mine looks like an office supply store exploded on it. lol Following you from WMW.

Funky Mama Bird said...

I love the description "Geek Goth" could describe me as well some days.

BigD said...

Visiting from WMW.
You confirmed what I've long suspected: All IT people live on Mountain Dew.
Since my husband is trying to kick the habit, does that mean he's going to change careers?
I understand your light aversion. I often leave the lights off in my office, because they give me headaches. (Real bonus: people don't know I'm in, since they can't see me from the doorway!)

Miss. Candy said...

Wow, it is soooo clean!!! My office/desk is trashed!!!!

Julia said...

what a cool tour!! thanks!! so, i think my boy has that same skeleton cat... haha!

Gina said...

I've always wondered about those chairs. I'll have to try one out.

Booyah's Momma said...

That has got to be the cleanest, most orderly cubicle I have ever seen. Besides my own. We are most definitely twins.

And what is it about IT people and Mt. Dew? The guys on my dev team LIVE for that stuff... Mt. Dew and Kit Kats.

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