Thursday, September 30, 2010

A typical evening goes horribly wrong

A typical evening for us as a young couple; we've been married for about 2 years. I'm knee-deep in grad school work, and hubby is finishing up his cyber-work. Hubby packs up his martial arts gear, and informs me that he's going to stop over his parents' house after Tang Soo Do tonight. Just before he heads out the door he asks if he can have my last pizza pocket, but I turn him down. I'm planning to have it later. He grumbles, and heads out the door.

I dive head first into academic articles and essay drafts. The evening quickly flies by, when I realize it's already past 10pm. Wow -- hubby is hanging with his parents for a long time tonight!

10:45pm. Really? I didn't think my in-laws stayed up past 10pm. Did he have to get gas for the car on the way home?

11:15pm. Ok. There is NO WAY my husband would chat with his parents this late. They are early birds. I'm starting to get worried.

11:30pm. Worry turns to mild panic. I do what no young wife wants to do -- I call my in-laws. My mother-in-law picks up the phone.

"Is my husband still there?" Trying to sound casual, calling my in-laws at WAY too late in the evening.

"No, he left shortly after 9pm." says my mother-in-law sounding half-awake, half-annoyed.
What??? It only takes 30 minutes MAX to get home from there! Now full-fledged panic sets in.
"Did he say he was going to stop anywhere before heading home?" Me, still attempting to be rational...

"He said he was going to stop at an ATM." My mother-in-law is now fully awake. My mother-in-law quickly joins me in panicland.
We now babble back and forth about all the potential things that could have gone wrong. I think this is the most I have ever spoken to my mother-in-law.

Robbed and shot at the ATM? Kidnapped at the ATM? Broken down by the side of the road? Dead by the side of the road? Two women who love a man considering the "what ifs" -- a downward spiral of horrible scenarios.

My step-father-in-law finally intervenes. He says they are getting in the car, and going to drive the route to my house, and see if he is broken down by the side of the road. He thinks this is the most likely scenario. This is good for my mother-in-law because she is now DOING something about the panic, but now I'm stuck at home. Panicking.

So, I do what any rational adult would do. I call my mommy.

At this point, I'm sobbing and it probably takes several times through the story before my mom can understand what the problem is. She is over an hour away, so she recommends that I call my friend that is much closer, and have her come over to keep me calm. We also discuss calling the local hospitals.

I call my best friend Nicole, who is about 15 minutes away, but I swear she made it to my house in 7 minutes or less. In times of distress, you suddenly realize who your true friends are.

I start calling hospitals. "Has a mid-20s Asian male been admitted tonight?" No, no, no.

It is well past 1:30am in the morning. I'm a WRECK. My mother-in-law calls me again. They are in town, but they have decided to go to the police department instead of my apartment. They are going to see if they can file a missing person report.

As I am about to hang up with my mother-in-law, my husband walks through the door. He's surprised. I'm a sobbing mess. My best friend is there.

All I get out through my sobbing and hugging is "Where have you BEEN? Talk to your mother." I hand him the phone.

After I calm down, I find out that he went out for a night out with the boys from Tang Soo Do. Why didn't he tell me? Well, it just came up after practice tonight.

And he was mad at me because I didn't let him have my pizza pocket.

What marriage lessons did we learn from this incident?

My husband learned: ALWAYS tell me where he's going, and his approximate time of return. He also got to send flowers to everybody involved that panic filled evening. Wifey. His mother. My mother. My best friend.

I learned: Always keep the hubby well fed. And if he wants my food -- let him have it.

This story was prompted by the writing prompt from Mama Kat...

"And then I panicked"

P.S. This post was pre-approved by hubby.  I guess I'll have to feed him again.

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Nicole said...

You called, I was on my way. Those are the rules.

Although I'm pretty sure I was half way down Washtenaw when I WOKE UP and realized I was in my car. It was another mile of so when it came to me why I was there.

Shelley said...

Oh my gosh! How scary! I've had a couple experience like that too but they didn't last as long! Glad he was okay!

Ginny Marie said...

I would've panicked, too! It must have been such a relief to see him walk through the door! (Although I would have been pretty angry, too, if it had been my husband!)

Rachel M. said...

Happens to me frequently so that husband always has his phone on. I have a very vivid imagination. Glad your guy is ok.

kt moxie said...

Yep. That works now-a-days. Then -- pre-cell phone. *GASP*

CeCe Savage said...

This story is really something. I go through the exact same feelings when I can't reach someone, but it's usually while they're travelling on a road trip or an airplane. I haven't gotten to the point of calling hospitals though.

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