Friday, September 10, 2010

Grace in Small Things 8: Back to school, golf, and samurai swords!

What is Grace in Small Things?

Grace in Small Things (GIST) as a reminder to take notice of the positive things we tend to overlook. Grace in Small Things exists because we are choosing not to allow the noisiness of life to rob us of the time and energy to be mindful of ourselves and those we love and to recognize the grace that exists in small things.

81.  First day of first grade -- My daughter started first grade!  How did that happen?

82.  $20 beds.  I've been on the look-out for a bed for my son.  He's currently using just a mattress on frame.  I was shopping at an antique store in Gladwin, and found *exactly* what I wanted -- a dark cherry sleigh bed!  And the price -- $20!  It's in need of some tender loving care, but fortunately, I have an antique dealer in the family who knows just how to fix it up!

83. Very good boys -- When I pick up my son each day, my first question is usually, "Were you a good boy today?" It was so sweet when I picked up my son from his first day back to Montessori preschool, and he ran over to me and announced (without me asking), "I was a very good boy today mommy!"

84. Teachers are people, too.  After the first half-day of school, my daughter and I had lunch at a local restaurant.  As we sat down, I noticed a group of women at another table all in matching school T-shirts.  My daughter announced, "Those are all the first grade teachers from my school!" After she conjured up the courage (and brought along Mom), she went and said hello to her new teacher.

85. Engagements -- My brother proposed to his girlfriend in Las Vegas.  And she said yes.  Yay!

86. Fitting in time for yoga -- As this was a holiday week, my "normal" time for yoga class was canceled.  I was quite excited to realize I could still fit in a class since I was taking Tuesday off from work because my daughter's school was only a half-day.

87. Finders -- not keepers -- of lost stuff.  I was walking out of my yoga class last week, and found this note taped to the bench outside.  How sweet is that?  Nice people are out there everywhere!

88. Friendly golfers who can catch run-away dogs.  We brought our dog with us to Gladwin last weekend, and she got loose when we didn't realize a gate on the back porch was left open.  Panic ensued, and everyone scattered to find the missing pup.  Our cabin was along a golf course, and the golfers relayed the message about the missing 3-legged dog.  Our adventurous pup was returned within 20 minutes by some golfers. Miss Annabelle was thrilled about her trounce through the golf course;  we were happy she was home and unharmed.

89. $1.50 Samurai swords -- My son got this sword on our trip Up North last weekend. It has already been played with so much that we had to duct tape the handle.

90. Work golf scrambles -- My first time participating in a "golf scramble" with my work.  It was a BLAST.  Lots of fun on the golf course, and lots of fun afterwards with raffles and such.  I'm glad my teammates talked me into it.  And I'm glad my hubby found me some clubs!


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