Thursday, September 16, 2010

Five Question Friday: Red Wings, Nerds and The Week

1. What is the first nightmare you remember?

Gosh, I barely remember my dreams even now.  But most of my nightmares usually involve forgetting to do something important, then being chased by "the bad guy."

2. Even if you're not a sports fan, what's your favorite sport to play/watch?

I'm not a big sports fan, but I also don't mind watching sports, either.  I'm a typical Michigander who enjoys some Red Wings Hockey, Pistons B-Ball and college (A-hem... University of Michigan) football. 

Of course, my girly gene comes out strong during the Olympics (both Winter and Summer), and I love me some ice skating and gymnastics.

3. If you could pull off one piece of trendy fashion, what would you want it to be (jeggings, hats, thigh high boots, etc.)?

Skinny jeans.  NOT.  Hey... I get my fashion trends from the Disney Channel now, so I'm a little out of it.

4. Did you make good grades in school?

That would be an understatement.  Nerd.

5. What magazines do you subscribe to?
The Week.  I love it.  I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a truly balanced news magazine that gives a good summary of the week's news, as well as covering arts and other lighter topics.


alessandra said...

I had that dream too, of the bad guys chasing me all around the house. Thanks for the reminder.

Abramyan Avenue said...

Great answers... I was a nerd too..and that's ok! Hey don't feel bad about fashion trends from Disney channel...Raven always looked cute!

Mommy Kerin said...

Wanted to invite you to stop by and check out our giveaway for $50.00 in boutique goodies!


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