Monday, September 13, 2010

30 things I vow to do this summer: 20 of 30 done.

At the beginning of the summer, I made this list. I thought I would check back in and see how I did.  I've completed 20 of 30 for a 66% completion rate. 


30 things I vow try hope to do this summer. This one is from Mama Kat's Writing Workshop. See link below.
  1. Walk the dog at least once a week. -- Well, poor Annabelle has had a traumatic summer, with her amputation and all, but I have been walking her as much as I can.  I think I get 3-leg credit for this one!
  2. Take the kids to the park whenever they ask. Unless it's raining.  Hmmm... the kids didn't ask much.  Of course, spending the whole day at the Real Life Farm tired them out a lot.
  3. Start yoga. Full credit!  I've been going weekly, and my daughter starts her class this weekend!
  4. Read a novel. I have read 3 -- yes 3 -- novels so far.  Thank you book club!
  5. Catch up on photobooks. I started this task, but it is far from finished!
  6. Update my picture wall. Not even begun. :(
  7. Invite some fairies into my fairy village.  Invited.  I have a bussling fairy village.
  8. Plan an awesome neighborhood picnic.  Despite having to postpone one day because of weather, the picnic was a hit.
  9. Have a girl's night out. Hmmm... I think I still need one of these...
  10. Breathe. Working this out.
  11. Enjoy some Shakespeare. Thoroughly enjoyed.
  12. Get a massage. Doh.
  13. Weed the rest of the flowerbeds. Weeded them twice, but they sure do grow back fast!
  14. Enjoy photographing some weddings. Enjoyed.  But, my plan is to cut back even more for next year. I really don't need the scheduling conflicts.
  15. Enjoy swim lessons with my son. Actually, my husband enjoyed swimming with my son.  I got to enjoy watching them.  That counts, right?
  16. Keep my blog going. Check!
  17. Convince my digestive tract to tolerate more fruit and veggies. I'm working on it.  It's slow going.  Minor progress made.
  18. Go to the Farmers Market at least once a month. Yep. Loving the Farmer's Market.
  19. Be mindful. I have been working on this as well. Really has been helpful.
  20. Breathe. Yoga helps for this!
  21. Ice cream. 'Nuf said.  Yep.  'Nuf said! 
  22. Take down my son's wallpaper border that he destroyed and replace with a chair rail. Doh.  I've stared at it so many times, but it is hard to plan the task when my son still naps...
  23. Enjoy our deck. The kids have enjoyed the sandbox, but we haven't spend enough time out there.  It's been a bit warmer than expected this summer!  Maybe in the fall...
  24. Eat outside. See #23.
  25. Slow down. This goes better some days than others, but I'm doing better than before.
  26. Convince my husband to slow down. He's a tough one.  I might need some rope.
  27. Fix the kid's shower. Doh.
  28. Have a family vacation. Had a good time in Hershey, PA!
  29. Enjoy my family. Enjoyed them most of the summer.  That counts, right?  :)
  30. Breathe. Every day.


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