Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mrs. Matsunaga and the art project

This is in response to Mama Kat's prompt "The craziest reason I ever got in trouble as a child."

Godzilla vs. Ms. Know-it-all

I have always been a rule follower. And a nerd. Give me the parameters, and I will give you a product that meets those requirements.

I do not get in trouble. At all. Well... I annoyed my mom from time to time growing up (sorry, mom).

But, in the presence of most adults -- especially teachers -- I was the good girl. The good student. The teacher's pet.

Until my second grade teacher: Mrs. Matsunaga.

Evil incarnated in a five-foot Japanese woman.

She made me very anxious. I was afraid of her.

I remember being afraid to ask to go to the bathroom, and having a few accidents. But I couldn't tell her that I had an accident, either.

She did not like know-it-all little girls who caught her mistakes and wanted to read ahead in the textbook.

She did not like me.

The art project

One day, we had finished some kind of project that had to dry at the back of the classroom. Mrs. Matsunaga then handed the projects back to the students by calling out the name written on the back of the project. She finished, but I did not have my project back. There were still several projects on the back table. She announced, "If you did not get your project back, you did not put your name on it. You will be marked down. Come and claim your project."

Did I not explain that I was a rule follower? My name was on my project. I was just *sure* of it. I went back to the table, quickly found my project, turned it over, and there -- as clear as day -- was my name. "But, Mrs. Matsunaga! My name IS on my project. SEE?"

What followed this initial statement I don't remember clearly, but apparently it involved yelling, crying and me still getting marked down and being in trouble. I was embarrassed in front of my friends. She berated me.

The letter home

At the end of the day, she called me to her desk, and handed me a sealed envelope. "Give this to your parents." Ack! A letter home!!! That is the WORST!

I took the Letter of Shame home. My mother asked what happened, and I told her the whole story. I thought I would be in trouble, but I wasn't. (Have I mentioned my mom is cool?)

I never asked my mom what was in the letter until many years later. When I did, she laughed and said it was something about how I was obstinate and didn't listen well to my elders. (Have I mentioned I'm stubborn?)

The report card

By the way, I still got all A's that marking period, but I did get a "3" (instead of a 1) for "Follows Directions Well" (or something like that) on my report card. Ugh. That hurt.

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Rachel M. said...

Wow what a horrible teacher!!!

TaraBeara said...

That sounds awful. I am glad I never had a teacher like her. I would have hated that class.

Liz said...

Mrs. M sounds like she had a serious need for authority! I think she liked to be mean and exercise her power. A bit of a Napolean complex perhaps??

Angelia Sims said...

Love the Godzilla picture! Too funny! Your mom sounds like the best and glad you survived the dragon lady. :-)

Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

Stephanie said...

How awful to have a teacher you were afraid of. Wouldn't you love to run into her today and give her a piece of your mind? hahahaha - sorry, I would be furious if one of my daughters' teachers ever treated them like that.

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