Sunday, August 1, 2010

Grace in small things: Edition 3

What is Grace in Small Things?

Grace in Small Things as a reminder to take notice of the positive things we tend to overlook.  Grace in Small Things exists because we are choosing not to allow the noisiness of life to rob us of the time and energy to be mindful of ourselves and those we love and to recognize the grace that exists in small things.

25. Healthy hubbies.  My husband has lost something like 19 pounds since the beginning of the year.  He just had to buy some new clothes, and he was looking pretty fine if I do say so myself. Yay hubby!

26. Men in kilts. Check out the picture. Nuff said!

27. Gabbing with a good friend.  A friend I haven't got to seen in a while stopped over Friday night and we *finally* got to catch up on each other's lives.

28. Living room camp outs:  A favorite playtime activity for my kids involving blanket tents and their imagination.

29. Recipes from the back of a box.  I made "Cheesy Chicken Bake" from the back of the Stove Top Whole Wheat stuffing box.  It turned out really good!

30. Friends doing right by each other when times get tough. A previous neighbor (from our first house) recently had a severe stroke. I'm so impressed by the effort and compassion of her friends. Her friends could have just sent a "get well" card and left the details of care and her future to her family.  But they didn't. 
"If a friend is in trouble, don't annoy him by asking if there is anything you can do. Think up something appropriate and do it."
~Edgar Watson Howe

31. Halloween in July. My daughter's day camp had "Holiday week" as the theme, and Friday was Halloween. The kids all dressed up in costumes and had trick-or-treating.

32. Life Size Mouse Trap!  We went to the Maker Faire, which has traveled to the good city of Detroit (actually Dearborn) for the first time this year.  What a fabulous event!  The life size Mouse Trap was off the HOOK! 

33. Huggie?  My 3-year-old son is a big hugger.  He is always asking for hugs. Sometimes it is even used as a way to redirect. But it's hard to mind. 
Son: "Momma Momma Mommmmma!  I want more milk! Mommmmma!" 
Momma: "If you want something, use your nice voice and say please. No whining please." 

34. Construction e-mail notifications:  My recreation department was thoughtful enough to send us an e-mail notification saying the main entrance to the recreation center would be closed because of construction, and recommended other routes.  We were on-time and -- more importantly -- not annoyed when we arrived at the recreation center for our Saturday morning swim lessons for the kids.  How great is that?  It's like they care about their patrons and everything!  It really is the little things!

35. Domino's pizza online order system:  This system is so cool.  After you place your order, you can watch it go through all the steps, and know exactly where your pizza is in the process!  You even know the name of your pizza delivery guy!

36. Walking the dog post amputation. I've finally been able to start walking my puppy after her surgery to amputate her rear leg (cancer).  She is beyond excited.  We are not anywhere near the distance we used to walk, but we are increasing our walks each time.  She is a happy dog.


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