Thursday, July 29, 2010

On getting back to work full time with kids...

I’ve been a full-time working mom since my oldest was 4 months, and she’ll soon be going into the first grade. So, here's my brief pieces of advice for pregnant moms-to-be and new moms on maternity leave about going back to work.

  1. You CAN’T do it all. Don’t try. Do you job well. Love your husband and kids well. Everything else is details.
  2. Talk to your husband about re-delegating the home responsibilities. So many moms returning to work FORGET TO DO THIS! They think they still are going to tend the home, and add on the full time job. NOT! He is going to need to take up some of the slack. You both can decide where that slack is — laundry, dishes, dinner, grocery shopping, bills? It really doesn’t matter. But when you do — and this is really important — give it over to him kit-and-caboodle. He’s going to do it HIS way now — not your way — AND THAT’S FINE. If the towels are now folded in halves, not thirds — it’s FINE. Towels are not going to bring down the household. Don’t sweat the details!
  3. Mornings and bedtimes:  Have a routine and keep it. Do prep the night before if that's your style. We do breakfast-in-hand. Lots of breakfast bars/granola bars with sippy cups. Bedtime routine is consistent and within about the same 15 minutes every night.
  4. Daycare pick-up is the BEST time of day! I think SAHM’s have no idea what they are missing out on! Little ones yelling “mom” from across the room and jumping into your arms for hugs. Daily. Can you beat that???? Really. It almost makes the day away from them worth it.
  5. Your “grown-up brain" will thank you for the full-time work. Really. It will. It’s great to “flex those neurons.” It makes you more energized, and you'll be a better mom for it.  I promise.
This post is not here to start another mommy war facing off SAHMs against working moms. I honestly think we are all on the same team.  But, sometimes we all need some encouragement!


P.S:  A dad doing laundry is sexy.


Booyah's Momma said...

Okay, do you feel like I am stalking you yet? Can't help it... I loved all of your posts this week, especially this one!

Perfect advice for working moms. I was nodding my head to every single one of these. Except the part about it being okay to fold the towels in halves. My inner Type A wouldn't let that slide. I guess that's why, in my house, he does the washing, and I do the folding.

Kristen T. said...

Stalk away! You've become my #1 fan!

LOL on the towel folding thing -- I knew I would get someone to twitch. ;)

Heligirl said...

On man, my husband is totally guilty of poor towel, and sheet for that matter, folding. I twitch like nothing else. He gets really torked when he walks in and sees me dumping out the linen closet and refolding everything so it fits and looks good.

I just couldn't return to work full time. I knew I needed my adult time, but I have some time to sit at my desk and keep up my professional resume.

Thanks for sharing your experiences. :)

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