Monday, July 19, 2010

Must Have Monday: Over-the-head headphones

Most people seem to use the little nubs that you stuff in your ear to listen to their ipod, talk on the phone, or plug into their laptop.  But I can't stand those little things.  I don't want anything stuffed in my ear.  I like the feeling of a nice pair of kushy over-the-head headphones.  When I recently got my IP softphone set up for my work laptop (so that I can use my desk phone from anywhere I have an Internet connection), I bought a nice pair of headphones.  They also work nice to listen to when the incessant beeping starts

I thought that my love of over-the-head headphones was just a quirk, but now I'm thinking it's genetic.  My husband recently gifted my 6-year-old daughter his old ipod.  She was way excited, but had a hard time with the wrap-around-your-ear headphones (and the ear nubs did not fit in her little ears).  So, I purchased her a pink pair of over-the-head headphones to match her pink ipod (we also bought her a new cover for the ipod -- she wasn't so keen on daddy's black spiderweb motif). 

She was geeked when they arrived.  She immediately was grooving to tunes on her ipod. Funkytown is her current favorite song.

Then, she wrote momma a story titled, The Ipod and the Head Fon

The story goes something like this: 

The Ipod and the head fon were best friends, but they got lost in the storm (a big tornado).  But they found each other again, and played in the grass.  The End.

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Julia said...

ha, that's cute! and i agree... i can never get those buds to stay in my ears either!! i hate it!!

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