Thursday, July 15, 2010

I want to start a fight on Facebook.

But I won't.

Every time I see one of those "93% of you will not re-post this," primal rage erupts out of me.

Today, it inspired Dr. Seuss. Today, I want to have this status:

I will not paste back your post.
I could not, would not, to save the gulf coast.
I would not, could not, to see MJ's ghost.
I would not post it for a free pair of socks.
I would not post it to cure smallpox.
I would not post it here or there.
I would not post it anywhere!
I would not re-post your cute facebook status.
I do not like it, am I callus?

Here's a smidgen of the facebook posts that I refuse to repost, copied and pasted just for you:

Cut and paste politics

"[YOUR NAME] thinks that no one should die because they cannot afford health care, and no one should go broke because they get sick. If you agree, please post this as your status for the rest of the day.”

"While you SCREAM at your woman, there's a man wishing he could talk softly to her ear...While you HUMILIATE, OFFEND and INSULT her, there's a man flirting with her and reminding her how wonderful she is. While you HURT your woman, there's a man wishing he could make love to her. While you make your women CRY there's a man stealing smiles from her... Post this on your wall if you're against Domestic Violence"

Cut and paste families

Before you were conceived, I wanted you. Before you were born, I loved you. Before you were an hour old, I would die for you. This is the miracle of life, and the power of love. Put this on your status if you have children you love more than life itself.

If your Dad is your hero, whether you are blessed to have your Dad still with you, or he has gone to be with the Lord, copy and paste this with his name.

IT'S SISTER or SISTERS, WEEK !!!!! If you have one sister or more who makes your life interesting and fun AND is a blessing to your life generally makes your life worth living by being around. Copy and paste this to your status.

It's Nieces and Nephews Week. If you have nieces and nephews who give you fun in your life and who are a blessing in your life, copy and paste this to your status with their names.

I am a cook, a housekeeper, a parent, a teacher, a referee, a nanny, a nurse, a handy man, a maid, security, and a comforter. I don't get holiday, sick pay, or a day off, I work through the day and some of the night, I am under paid and over worked now tell me t...hat... YOUR job is harder then mine. Repost this if you're a MOM! WORD TO THE MOMMIES~ ♥ my JOB!!

If your Mom is your hero, your best friend or just the best mother ever, whether you are blessed to have your Mom still with you, or if she is an Angel in Heaven, copy and paste this into your status and let everyone know you are proud of your Mom and love her dearly ♥ Thanks for always being there Mom...I love you very much!!!!!!
If you have a husband who makes your life interesting and fun, who is your best friend and who has been with you through thick and thin, who has been a blessing in your life and who you are proud to be married to - copy and paste this to your status...
Cut and paste friends

If there's a person on your FB who makes your world a better place just because they exist, who you would not have met without the this on their wall ?? You are a wonderful friend!

I am blessed to have more then one true friend, but still not gonna do it.......A true friend doesn't care if your house is untidy, your car makes funny noises, if you only have $5.00 in the bank this week, or that your family is not perfect...they love you for who you are. A true friend can go long periods of time without speaking and never question their friendship. REPOST if you are blessed enough to have at least one true friend.

Let's see who is paying attention .... Every single one of you are on my Friend list as a result of a conscious decision. I am not only glad to count you as friends but also as family! Let's see who in my Friends list actually pays ........attention. Copy and paste this in your status. I will be ... watching to see who responds....

Cut and paste patriotism

☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ If you support our troops then please post this on your status and leave it there for one hour. There should be no excuses from anyone!!!! This should appear in everyones status. Please do this for... the ones that make this the Home of the Free because of the Brave!!!! ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Bra colors made FaceBook news BUT WILL THIS? Let's support our FIREFIGHTERS AND POLICE OFFICERS. If you support our FIREFIGHTERS and POLICE OFFICERS then please post this on your status and leave it there for one hour. There should be no excuses from anyone!!
Cut and paste proselytizing

I am a Christian and proud to say it! Let's see how many people on FB aren't afraid to show their love for Jesus! Repost this as your status.
Cut and paste guilt

Very sadly, most of you probably won't copy and paste this. Will you do it and leave it on your status for at least an hour? It's Special Education week, and this is in honour of all the kids who need a little extra help & understanding ♥ We all need a little extra help sometimes...

There comes a time in life when you just have to let go of all the pointless drama and the people who create it; surround yourself with people who make you laugh so hard you forget the bad & focus solely on the good~Life is too short to be anything but happy...REPOST IF YOU AGREE

Cut and paste ... my blog post!

Well, I've managed to cut and paste 93% of my post today!  Bwahahahaha!  Take that you facebook chain posts!

What does this mean?  Oh, no... I'm sooo unoriginal.  Did I have an original thought here?  Or did I just cut and paste other people's crap?  Oh, well.  It looks like I plagiarized a whole lot of crap.  And that's what it is.

This cut and paste was brought to by....

Mama Kat's writing workshop.

Mama's Losin' It


Diane said...

Right there with ya! I've seen most of these and they all annoy the hell outta me!

Liz said...

Ooooh, how I can't STAND that FB crap! One time, after I got sick of "I love my mom and she's the greatest..." and "I love my some and he's the greatest..." I got on and wrote a snarky status like, "Just to let everyone know, I'm just gonna lay it out there that I do in fact love my mom, husband, girls and dog..." and went on and on. It got SUCH a good response and a few people who posted that crap all the time, stopped posting. So maybe you should get tough and start a revolution.

krisgoescrazy said...

Here here! Totally agree, and one of the many reasons I don't use facebook much anymore. Don't we all have enough crud we handle in our lives before being guilted that we're going to burn for eternity if we don't copy some random FB stuff?!

CoffeeJitters.Net (Judy Haley) said...

I never paste those, even on the rare occasion that I completely agree with what they're saying. If I want to say something, I will say it in my own words. Thankfully, I haven't been seeing as many of those lately (knock wood).

Clarence said...

Oh, I'm with you there. I ignore the copy pastes.

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