Monday, July 26, 2010

Grace in small things: Edition 2

Ok. Maybe I won't publish this on Sundays.  I tend to take the weekends off.  At least from blogging.  I'm going to continue my count from last week. Let's see how high I can get by the end of the year!

What is Grace in Small Things?

Schmutzie created Grace in Small Things as a daily reminder to take notice of the positive things we tend to overlook.  Grace in Small Things exists because we are choosing not to allow the noisiness of life to rob us of the time and energy to be mindful of ourselves and those we love and to recognize the grace that exists in small things.

13. Hannah Montana Hoedown Throwdown:  My darling daughter participated in her day camp's talent show this week.  Her friends came up with doing the line dance recently featured in Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus's latest movie.  Since my daughter is not a Hannah Montana fan ("I don't like Hannah Montana! is her usually response...), she did not know the song or the steps.  So, we all learned this dance (thanks youtube!).   It's actually quite catchy -- it might be featured at the next wedding you attend!  Here's the steps if you want to learn!

14. Rice Krispie Sushi:  Rice Krispie squares are awesome.  Ya know what makes them even better?  Add some Swedish fish, gummies, and fruit roll-ups, and Voila!  Rice Krispie Sushi!!!

15. Mountain yoga pose:  When I was younger, I always thought this was a silly pose -- you are just standing!  But my yoga instructer talked this week about this being an "active" not a "passive" pose, and this really rung true with me.  I'm really digging it!

16. Finishing a novel:  Thank you book club!  I finished my first "grown-up" novel in *mumble mumble* years!  I read The Space Between Us by Thrity Umrigar.  Good stuff.

17. Having intelligent discussions about said novel with other adults:  Thank you Book Club, part II! 

18. A successful neighborhood picnic:  After postponing the picnic from Saturday to Sunday because of the *threat* (but no actual) severe thunderstorms, we had a very pleasant neighborhood picnic.  And Sunday ended up being a much better day for the picnic -- the humidity was much, much lower.

19. A good movie that makes you think -- but not too much:  Hubby and I saw Inception.  It was one of those movies where you had to pay attention, but was mostly eye and brain candy.  Cool plot, good acting, but no deep pondering about the ills of society.  Me likey.

20. 97 cent Matchbox cars:  On a recent trip to the store, my son picked out a 97 cent Matchbox car. I admit -- I was trying to placate him while I finished my shopping.  This little orange race car has been with him day and night ever since.  He talks to it, he sleeps with it, and he races to and fro around my house.  Not bad for 97 cents.

21. Kid fishing:  I'm sure you are saying... what?  Kid fishing?  That was my response, too, when my daughter asked to bring in a bag of suckers to day camp for "kid fishing."  Then I witnessed this event.  Picture a barn with two levels, and lots of holes in the slats of the ceiling/floor.  Kid fishing starts when a kid runs up to the upper level, ties a treat to a string, and dangles it down through a hole or a crack.  Imagining the rest now?  I've come upon the kids being "fished" many times when I've come to pick up my daughter.  It is hilarious!

22. Picking out the perfect gift:  My 6-year-old daughter attended a friend's birthday party on Sunday. We went shopping on Thursday for a gift. When I don't know a kid, I'll tend toward a "safe" gift like a game.  However, my daughter informed me her friend was a tomboy, and really liked Legos. So, we picked out a Legos set (and I was disappointed to find that all the legos sets were very "boyish").  We ended up with a castle set.   Granny attended the party with my daughter -- she informed me that the birthday girl tossed aside the "girly" gifts, but said a big "Thank You" for the Legos set -- it was a match for one she already has!  I'm proud my daughter is so attentive to her friends' likes and dislikes.

23. Cakewalks:  We tried a cakewalk at our neighborhood picnic for the first time this year.  I've never done one before, so I was a little unsure about it.  It was a HUGE hit! 

24. Sucker trees:  Someone mentioned you can't have a Cakewalk without a Sucker tree!  Ya know the game ... where you pull out a sucker with a color on the bottom and get a prize!!?? So, we did a sucker tree, too.  Not only was this a hit -- we had some kids who were obsessed!  I'm going to need to give out tickets next time so that we limit the number of suckers the kids can take!


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