Monday, June 7, 2010

Must have Mondays: Rolling laptop bag

As a working mom, I feel like I never have enough hands. My kids now automatically know the answer to the rhetorical mom-question "How many things can I do at once?" (I know you think it's a trick question, but the real answer is ONE.  Only one.  Multi-tasking is a myth.)

With a purse, blackberry, lunch (or at least some snacks), and a laptop to bring to work everyday, I am in love with my rolling laptop bag.  I work in IT (yep -- geek girl.  I "work with computers" as reported by my daughter), and must have my computer at all times.  Just in case the Borg takes over SkyNet causing a denial of service attack on Microsoft ... or worse... Google.

I recently upgraded to a red leather one from my grad school-ish ballistic nylon rolling bag.  I've been impressed that laptop bag designers have finally figured out that us working moms want professional, feminine and functional -- all in the same business laptop bag! 

The rolling feature makes my laptop bag a prize possession.  With my 3-year-old on one hip, I don't need to throw out my back lugging a laptop plus accessories back and forth to work on my other hip.

NOTE:  Officially, and as reported to my chiropractor, I never put my 3-year-old on my hip. (yeah, right!)

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Beth said...

I work in IT too!! Well... at least for 14 more days! I wish you had told me about this months ago! I'm never away from my computer either!!

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