Monday, June 28, 2010

Must Have Monday: A bookcase for every kid's bedroom

We make reading a prior at my house. Our bedtime routines have included storytime since the kids were babes. Now that we have a reader in the house, she reads to us at bedtime.

Therefore, my must-have item this week is a bookcase for every kid's bedroom. If books and reading are important -- then you gotta have a bookcase. I don't care if it's some fancy-shmancy one from Pottery Barn, or one you garbage-picked from the side of the road and re-painted. Books need homes, too!

Here is my daughter's bookcase. It is actually my old college cheap particle board bookcase, repainted white. Any guesses on the college student color? Why -- Goth black of course! I slapped a good 4 coats of white paint to cover that rebellion.

I purposefully did not straighten her bookshelf for this photo. Cuz I'm lazy. No... because this is what a young reader's bookshelf looks like! Well loved, well used. Especially when you have lots of used garage sale, mom-to-mom sale and guilt-me-into-buying-more Scholastics books.

My younger child also has his own bookcase.  Filled with all the storytime books his mom or dad -- and sometimes big sister -- read him before bed.  An unexpected perk of bedtime storytime? Behavior management.  My little boy is notorious for dilly-dallying at bedtime.  If he slows down to a snails pace while collecting his various lovies or finishing his milk, he's threatened with "no stories!"  Works every time.

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Julia said...

i agree!! i can't wait til we get in our new house so i can put one in my daughter's room!! GREAT pick!

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