Wednesday, June 9, 2010

In a close match-up, Team Momma wins over Team Tantrum!

Team Tantrum: 1
Team Momma: 2
In a close match up, a young and fired up Team Tantrum faced the more experienced but exhausted Team Momma. A friendly soccer scrimmage involving joyful 3 and 4 year olds? Team Tantrum had other plans.  A battle of wills.

The evening started by Team Momma delivering her soccer clad daughter at field number one. Then Team Tantrum, lead by a young son who refused to dress for the game, arriving for a tussle. At the center of the dispute: a disagreement over the regulation water supplies. Team Momma provided refilled water bottles, but Team Tantrum remembered getting colored (flavored) water at a previous game.

Where are the refs when you need them???

After a full 20-minute routing by Team Tantrum, it appeared that Team Momma was defeated and ready to throw in the towel. But, she came back in a come-from-behind victory. Using shear force of will, a calm demeanor and some full-court press hugs, Team Momma brought Team Tantrum into submission.

The coaches were amazed. As Team Tantrum realized his defeat, the adorable son returned to enjoy the victory with Team Momma. Adorable son participated in his entire soccer class, reminding Momma what a good job he was doing when he came out to get a sip of his plain refilled water bottle.



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