Friday, June 25, 2010

Down on the farm

So this was my kids' first week at the Real Life Farm -- a day camp nearby our house.  My daughter has attended for the past 2 years and loved it, but it's the first year for our 3-year-old.  The younger ones (5 and under) stay in the preschool for most of the day, and only visit the farm for a couple of hours.  The "big kids"  stay all day at the farm.  This is A's first year as a big kid;  she is so excited!  She has already tried archery, gone horseback riding without assistance, been a crafting queen, and gone fishing for crawfish in the pond.  Yesterday, she came home happy as a clam, but covered in mud after falling into the pond. 

Ryan, my son, is also excited to go to the farm; his first time going to the same place as his sister during the day!  The transition seemed to be going well, but Wednesday we got this note sent home to us from his teacher.  My husband and I were rather surprised because Ryan is usually a good napper. At his preschool, he was usually put down first and gotten up last just because he needed more napping time than most of the kids. 

However, I like to work with not against the teachers, so on Thursday morning before Ryan left for the Farm I had a short discussion with him about being quiet during nap time; Ryan looked slightly confused at the time, but agreed with me, and said he would be good.

After Daddy dropped the kids off, he gave me a call.  It turns out there are two Ryans in our little boy's class.  We have a case of mistaken identity!  Poor guy!  He got a "momma talk" because of the other Ryan's bad behavior!


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