Thursday, May 27, 2010

Best Business Bureau my &%*#

So, yesterday I received a voice mail from the Better Business Bureau.  A very slow-speaking and professional sounding woman named Gwen said that I should call her back. 

For those who don't know, I have a small home business -- Truong Studios Photography -- my "hobby job" as I call it.  I mostly photograph weddings, and I love it.  I treat brides as I wish to be treated. I always put customer service first.  I make my brides happy.  I take photojournalistic and traditional wedding pictures, and I think I do a pretty good job at it.  I take pride in my work, and I would bend over backwards to make sure a bride is satisfied with the product I provide.  Oh -- the groom, and the families, too -- but we all know whom I'm working for. ;)

Back to this phone call.  I didn't initially listen to the voice mail, just asked my hubby who it was.  When he said the Better Business Bureau, I responded, "Oh, they are probably just trying to sell me something."  I get a lot of calls from marketers thinking I'm a large business, and they try to get me to spend big bucks.

Hubby said I should listen to the voice mail, which I did. This girl was good. Just the right amount of edge and apprehension in her voice, but she didn't mention a complaint.  Just that I needed to call her back. 

Oh, crap.  What bride I displease? Did I not answer an email? Did I misplace an order? Did she not like the album? I actually went back through my inbox and archive just in case! Why didn't she contact me if she was upset???

So today I called Gwen back.  Transfer to Gwen's extension, and... "Oh, your record is great!  Actually, we don't have a complete record on your business.  [blah blah]  We get thousands of hits a month on our site.  [blah blah]  Would you like to sign up..."

Me: "How much?"

Gwen: "If you have 3 or less employees..." (it's just ME!) "It's only $300 a year..."


I worried a whole night for that. 

Stupid telemarketers.  And, yes.  I'm on the national no-call list. I'm guessing there is some loophole for businesses.  Grrrr.


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