Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Movie review: How to train your dragon

We made a family outing to "How to train your dragon" on Sunday, and it was a hit.  Even my 3-year-old son enjoyed it (or maybe it was the popcorn). 

Fire-breathing dragons, Scottish accented Vikings, misunderstood teen angst, and a tough girl with a big axe -- this is the stuff of a good animated flick. 

Dreamworks (mostly) bypasses the hip comic modern references, and has gone for the classic tale of boys and dragons. The story is simple, the scenery is beautiful, and the characters -- especially the dragons -- are endearing.

Hiccup, our young lad and son of the head Viking, wants more than anything to be accepted by his village and his father.  He is determined to become a dragon killer like his comrades, but instead realizes the dragons are even more misunderstood than him. 

Teeming with great action scenes involving dragons, shields, swords and axes, young boys (and adventurous girls) will love this film.  During a couple of the battle scenes, my son announced "this is scary" but did not leap from his chair in fear. The fantasy / fairy tale style of the movie seemed to keep the "scary" factor in check. 

Entertaining, with a good story and a good message.  I think that gives this movie two thumbs up from me.

One question though:  why do adult Vikings have Scottish accents and teen Vikings have American accents?  Very strange.  Very strange indeed.


Nicole said...

Question: Would it wake a sleeping baby?

kt moxie said...

Not sure on the sleeping baby. Worth the attempt, though. :)

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